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Baby Dunks Alot

The Boss Baby meets Space Jam in this hilarious tale of a baby turned basketball superstar from NBA All-Star Jayson Tatum, author Sam Apple, and illustrator Parker-Nia Gordon

When a big kid teaches his little brother how to play basketball for the first time, something unusual happens . . . baby bro flies through the air for a monster dunk! Before long, every professional team wants the incredible dunking baby on their roster. Baby Dunks-A-Lot is poised to become a basketball legend—that is, until he misses his bedtime.

Inspired by Jayson Tatum’s life as both an NBA superstar and a loving dad, this laugh-out-loud picture book is the story of what happens when a tot becomes an NBA teammate.

Author: Jayson Tatum & Sam Apple

Art Director : Emma Ledbetter

Editor: Melissa Greenberg

Release Date: August 27th , 2024 

Pre-Order the Book Here: 

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