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How do you create your work ?

The majority of my commission work and personal projects are done digitally on my Cintiq pro and Apple IPad .The programs I frequently use are Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate. 

Are you accepting commissions? 

All commission inquires and comments can be submitted to my email.

Do you illustrate books ? 

All book inquires can be sent directly to my email. I'm only excepting commercial backing publishing companies at this time. However, if you are self-publishing I am welcome to receive an email from you if you have any questions or comments. 

I only collaborate with human writers ( No AI use).

Are you interested in community involvment? 

Absolutely! I thrive to give back. I would love to collaborate with non-profits, create mini projects for organizations and events. Please contact me by email for a faster response, and I will inform you about my availability.

Do you work on free projects? 

Great question! I can say yes, and no. 

I am very open to collaborations and promo exchange, however, through email ,we would discus details about the project and what I'm willing to provide. Free commission will be mostly focused for charities and interested projects. 

Where can I buy prints of your work? 

Currently I'm working on my online store. I plan to have pop-up shops online and sell prints at events later this year . As of right now, on my books page, you can purchase my illustrated children's books. 

Featured Clients : Scholastics, Abram Publishing and Penguin Random House. 

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